Transform a Crappy Old TV Stand into a Beachy Cabinet!

If you see one of these for free or super cheap you can easily turn it into a beachy cabinet!

Get ready for our DIY journey to transform an outdated and lackluster TV stand into a beachy cabinet that exudes coastal charm! We said goodbye to that uninspiring piece of furniture and hello to a refreshed and stylish coastal-inspired storage solution for ZERO money!

When we built the Mullet we needed a cabinet for electronics on the back wall. Didn’t want to buy anything to go outside because we knew the elements were destroyed in a few years.

Our friends popped up with a free old TV cabinet. It was ugly, straight out of the 80s. But we saw the potential we decided to turn it into something useful!

We decided to paint it a blue color (because we had it laying around) and decided to distress it.

Then we added some bead board to the back and the door. Then we added some shelves for more storage and to do something with the big gaping hole where a TV used to go.

Then we painted the bead board white to offset the blue. Luckily we had this leftover from another project!

It’s not great but it works for what we needed. We added some baskets to the shelves and were able to put all of the electronics in the cabinet to keep them out of the elements!

So if you have an old TV stand laying around, or see one on the side of the road you could easily transform it!

Get ready to roll up your sleeves, channel your inner DIY enthusiast, and turn that once-crappy TV stand into a stunning beachy cabinet that will leave you proud of your handiwork!

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