Welcome – we are the Millers! For real we are 🙂

Yes, we are actually the Miller’s from Tallahassee, FL. We are native Floridians that spend our days working as little as possible and our weekends on a boat somewhere. Oh yea happy hours are on boats too. Vacations usually involve some sort of boat as well. I guess you can say we like boats 🙂

We got annoyed finding fun clothing that revolved around our lifestyle so we created some….the OnMillerTime line!

There is also a little blog follows our trips, projects, boats, kids, food, boats, fixing things, breaking things, eating things, drinking things, and whatever else gets typed up.

FYI – The website name isn’t exactly what you think it is. My hubby’s family (the Millers) are ALWAYS late – so much so we tell them the events are an hour early. We started joking they were “On Miller Time”. It sort of stuck. Now we look at it is as we living on our time. While normally we are on time, we travel and play as much as possible. We have been able to do this because of our online endeavors which have made us quite a bit over the years. If you read enough, you might catch on how we do it. For real, your kid could be driving a Ferrari too!