Take Old Barstools and Make Them Beachy Fun!

Revamping an old wooden barstool into a beach-inspired piece for an outdoor covered patio is a fantastic project. We needed new chairs for the Mullet and our friends had some old ones they wanted to get rid of. Seemed like a project made in heaven!

Little bit of paint (which we had laying around!!) and some time and we now have some fun chairs that have lasted us for years and were my favorite thing….FREE!

The great part about this project is I see these all the time on the side of the road – these dated chairs and just not wanted anymore!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to bring a touch of coastal flair to the stool:

Materials Needed:

  1. Old Wooden Barstool
  2. Sandpaper (medium to fine grit)
  3. Outdoor Paint
  4. Paintbrushes or Foam Rollers
  5. Stencil or Masking Tape (optional)
  6. Sealer or Varnish (for outdoor protection)
  7. Nautical Rope or Jute Twine (optional)
  8. Seashells, Starfish, or Beach-themed Decorations (optional)
  9. Hot Glue Gun or Epoxy Adhesive (optional)


1. Prep the Barstool:

  • Clean the stool thoroughly and sand it to remove any existing finish or rough spots. Smooth surfaces will ensure better paint adherence.

2. Paint the Top and Base:

  • Apply a base coat of outdoor paint in a beachy color scheme. We did one color for the top and another for the bottom. Soft blues, seafoam greens, or sandy tones work well. Use multiple coats for even coverage and let each coat dry completely. We didn’t seal the paint but you probably should, especially if they are IN the elements!

3. For Extra Fun Add Coastal Accents:

  • Create a beach-themed design by stenciling waves, palm trees, or using masking tape to create stripes or patterns. This step adds character and charm to the stool. We didn’t but it makes them more unique – just make sure to seal them!

You can see the before and after above! An easy project that just requires paint~!

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