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How to Automate a Amazon Affiliate Deal Site

Say Hello to the Amazon Deal Generator! This is the latest and greatest thing in creating Amazon deals fast. When we were trying to find way to automate deals but still keep the quality up we came up with this. You find the deal and enter the ASIN and WHAM you have a post in…

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I’ve Made A Million From Blogging Here is What I Learned

This month marks one decade since I started SwagGrabber. This one little site has given me a full time income for 10 years. When I say full time income, I mean a good income. It has been up and down over the years but we have made a million in revenue. Yes, one million off…

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The Super Simple Way to Start A Blog

I get emails quite often from people asking about how to start a blog. I am no expert but I have learned a lot over the last nine years. There is a lot involved with it, especially if you want to make money off it so I thought I would put a post together about…

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