Homemade Marty from Madagascar 3 Costume


Can you guess what my kiddo was for Halloween? Yep, you guessed it Marty from Madagascar 3…or Afro Circus as everyone was yelling last night…LOL. I asked my kiddo what he wanted to be and he came up with Marty. I am great at finding deals so I can normally buy something cheaper than I can make it. I can tell you from massive research there are NO Marty costumes, you can buy a zebra but they are $100. Not happening in my world. This time I made it 🙂

With an idea in mind, we headed to Goodwill thinking I could find a white jumpsuit I could paint Zebra stripes on. We didn’t find one, instead we found a bolt of this Zebra fabric (it is felty) for only $6. Since it was three days before Halloween, I was “OK, I can make this work”. By the way, did I mention I don’t sew? Yep, I have never sewed anything but some baby curtains for his nursery and those didn’t even turn out that well…LOL.

I started by tracing his outline for the pattern. It didn’t turn out to well….see evidence below….

Luckily we had enough material to start over. I did another one and this time made sure the arms were in the same spot. Actually I started with a long sleeve shirt and jeans of his as those don’t move. I got a much better template this way.

I pinned it together and then we set off on sewing. I have a Singer but like I said I have used it once and that was 5 years ago. Threading a bobbin isn’t as easy as I remember….LOL. After two days of rethreading, filling the bobbin, replacing broken needles by going to Walmart, buying more thread, and a few moments of me wanting to throw this thing out the window. I finally finished it.

I even made a tail for it!

We slit up the back and then just used safety pins to close it. I know the shoulders didn’t turn out that well, but he was happy so I was happy. I found sticky felt at Walmart in the colors we needed so I cut out circles and stuck them on. Unfortunately, they didn’t stay. At the last minute I decided to glue them. I was amazed that an Elmer’s glue stick worked REALLY well to keep them on.

Final cost: The fabric was $6. We bought the wig off BuyCostumes for $4.50 with free shipping (ShopRunner) and the felt spots were purchased at Walmart for $2.30. Grand total under $15 for everything – including the thread and broken needles!

I gotta admit it was awesome watching my kid walk run crazily through the streets last night in the costume I made. It was even better when people started singing the theme song.

His costumes got a LOT of smiles 🙂

Because I made it I was worried about him playing in it. After trick or treating we went to a festival and there was a bouncy, I am happy to say the costume even lasted through a 45 minute bouncy jumping session!

By the way, if you are in Tallahassee you must check out Beard St. for Halloween. It is amazing and so safe and fun for kids because they block the streets off. It does get crazy though, so you might want to get there early! Just to give you an idea, these pictures were taken at 7pm – these streets are PACKED after dark!


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