Craftsman Toilet Brush – AKA MacGuyver Cleaning a Bathroom

This is why you have to love MacGuyver!

I asked my boys to clean the guest bath because we had guests coming. I go off and clean another room thinking they would be done in a few minutes. Thirty minutes later, I spot this. Yes, my boys spent 20 minutes fabricating a brush to clean the toilet. Crazy thing is, it works! It actually works very well!

The questions you have going on in your head right now…

Awww because this is how my boys procrastinate chores.

Does this spray toilet water everywhere?
I was thinking it would but it actually doesn’t. I would suggest keeping it on low though.

So you want your own?

Grab a toilet brush and cut off the handle. 10-12 inches seems to be a good length. You will need to file the end down so it will fit in your drill. Be careful now, don’t cut yourself. I don’t feel like getting sued. Insert brush into drill and start cleaning.

Disclaimerwe are not toilet professionals. We are not telling you to clean your toilet with this brush. We can’t guarantee it will work. We are not liable if your dumb ass cuts yourself while creating this ridiculous device.

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