The Best Little Donut Shop in Florida

I am reluctant to tell you about this one…but I must. It is quite simply the single best donut shop in Florida…actually make that the World! Have I eaten at every donut shop? No…but I bet they are the best! I actually don’t like donuts – won’t go to Dunkin, or Krispy or any of…

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Best Pork Rinds on the Market – Best Keto Friendly Snack

I kind of love Pork Rinds. They sound gross but OMG are good ones yummy! They have zero carbs so they are in a sense a perfect Keto snack. A local restaurant, McGowan’s Hops & Grapes, makes the BEST PORK RINDS ever. Freshly made and absolutely delicious. Since I really can’t pay $7 every time I…

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Amish Friendship Bread Starter Mix Recipe

  My Mom gave me a starter mix of the Amish Friendship bread about a year ago and I made it every day for months. Then I got sick of it. Now I want it again but of course I have no mix left! Here’s my family recipe for Amish Friendship Bread Starter Mix Recipe. I…

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