2018 BC Stack Review

OK guys while I was against it I just bought the BC Stack for one main reason, I wanted the Pin Girl bundle and it is included. Basically I got BC for the same price as buying the Pin Girl bundle so I figured what the hell.
I bough this a few years ago and was really disappointed. I ended up not using any of it.  There is a whole lot of crap in here but there does seem to be some good stuff. FYI – I have been blogging a decade now so I know a lot of this already. I feel like I could write most of these lol
There are about 60 courses and you need to sign up for EACH. Total PITA. I highly suggest using a GMAIL. Also a few want a credit card even if they are free- I used a prepaid card I got from a promotion. I wouldn’t put in a real one.
I went through and looked at each course. I ended up getting about 20 total. Signed up and downloaded everything I could. I now have one folder on my computer with content I can read for a year. Seems worth the $37. I know a few were thinking about it. Seems like it may actually be worth the money this year – even if you just want the Pin Girl bundle lol.
Here’s what I ended up getting that looked good…
NOTE – as I said I am growing my blog not building from scratch so what I am looking for may be different than you. Hopefully this 2018 BC Stack Review will help you decide!


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