The Best Little Donut Shop in Florida

I am reluctant to tell you about this one…but I must. It is quite simply the single best donut shop in Florida…actually make that the World! Have I eaten at every donut shop? No…but I bet they are the best! I actually don’t like donuts – won’t go to Dunkin, or Krispy or any of…

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Sandals Negril & The Butler Elite Service

Hubby and I were fortunate enough to be able to stay at Sandals Negril for 8 days. I say “fortunate” because this was the most expensive trip we had ever taken. We saved for years for this one and it was definitely worth the money! We wanted to go to Sandals because when we got…

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Camping at Seminole State Park

We had a ton of fun Camping at Seminole State Park. It is one of our favorite parks! It is BIG and open with tons of room and beautiful scenery. You really could just let your kids run crazy here. There are trails and a huge lake perfect for boating or swimming. It is pet-friendly as…

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