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Marty from Madagascar 3 Costume

Can you guess what my kiddo was for Halloween? Yep, you guessed it Marty from Madagascar 3…or Afro Circus as everyone was yelling last night…LOL. I asked my kiddo what he wanted to be and he came up with Marty. I am great at finding deals so I can normally buy something cheaper than I can make it. I can tell you from massive research there are NO Marty costumes, you can buy a zebra but they are $100. Not happening in my world. This time I made it 🙂 With an idea in mind, we headed to Goodwill thinking I could find a white jumpsuit I could paint Zebra stripes on. We didn’t find one, instead we found a bolt of this Zebra fabric (it is felty) for only $6. Since it was three days before Halloween, I was “OK, I can make this work”. By the way, did I mention I don’t sew? Yep, I have never sewed anything but some baby curtains for his nursery and those didn’t even turn out that well…LOL. I started by tracing his outline for the pattern. It didn’t turn out to well….see evidence below…. Luckily we had enough material to start over. I did another one and this time made sure the arms were in the same spot. Actually I started with a long sleeve shirt and jeans of his...

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