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Cheap & Effective Beauty Treatments at Home

I was starting to feel my age a few years ago when I originally posted this article. I was turning 35 and I started noticing some differences in my complexion and skin. As Dolly Parton said in Steel Magnolias “time marches on and then you realize it is marching across your face!” I have always moisturized and used great products (samples of course…Lancome, Clarins, Murad) but I started wondering if there were any REALLY good treatments you can do at home. I was looking for simple treatments and I was AMAZED at what you can do with simple products...

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How Men Clean Toilets

So last week I asked my hubby to help with the bathrooms. About thirty minutes later – my hubby and son come out of the garage with this lol. Now my son LOVES to clean the toilets! It’s actually VERY easy and super cheap to make. Just buy a brush that has a skinny round shaft. Then cut it down to about 7 inches and shave the bottom down until it will fit in the power drill. Don’t use it on high and it won’t spray either. This actually cleans toilets REALLY...

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